My Plan To Save £10,000 in 2021

Why £10,000?

Because why not! Okay, truth be told, I REALLY like round numbers, they just make me happy. A goal is so much more fun to achieve it is has a nice round number attached. In 2020 I saved a £5,000 Emergency Fund, and paid off £3,500 worth of Credit Card Debt. So now let's imagine I'm putting everything towards savings, I should be pretty damn close!

I'm saving towards my first home. And I want to do it fast! Fortunately for him, my partner already has his house savings completed, and anything additionally saved while I'm working towards my half is a bonus for him. This puts the fire under my bottom as I don't want to make him wait, and I don't really want to wait. I'm aiming to save £25,000 which includes a £20,000 deposit, £2,000 fees and £3,000 decor & furniture, within 3 years. I've set out how I'm going to do this here.

How am I going to do this?

Saving £10,000 is actually going to be quite tricky for me. I've spoken before about taking a £26,000 pay cut, which essentially means I'm earning very little, in fact I'm earning under £20,000pa from my main job, and with my current expenses, I've worked out that I can actually only save £5,000 from my wage. This means the additional £5,000 needs to come from additional income..

A big boost to my savings will be the Lifetime ISA 25% bonus, meaning that I'll aim to get the £1,000 max bonus this tax year (ending April 2021) and aim to max it out again before the end of the year, getting another £1,000.

Millennial Saves will be my main source of additional income. I've been working hard to get all my products both digitally and physically on Amazon so that they're on a larger marketplace. I'm hoping to sell the remaining physical copies I have at home of The Financial Workbook, and want to make at least £1,000 from this platform. I'm not trying to milk it too much because I still want my products to be affordable to those struggling financially. Other income will be from social media partnerships now that I have a growing audience, and affiliate marketing, promoting products and services I use that I believe can help others, such as Matched Betting, 20Cogs & Free Share offers.

Speaking of Matched Betting, I'm going to get right back on that train and do a few offers a night, as I used to do when starting my debt free journey. I found it a bit boring towards the summer months, but I cannot deny that it is a great little additional earner! You can checkout my blog post all about how it works and how you can make up to, and even over £1,000 doing this per month!

Another one of my recommend side hustles that I'm going to pick back up in the new year is Prolific.

A fantastic, rather high paying survey site. Most of the surveys are science and research based, opposed to the normal market research type ones you get on other survey sites. I like to keep this open while doing other work, and there's a Google Chrome extension which alerts you when there's a study available!

2021 is the year of the side hustle. In January I am releasing the Ultimate Side Hustle Guide eBook, which I'm super proud of! In the hopeful spirit that 2021 and the Coronavirus vaccine brings, I am aiming to start up my freelance theatre work again with the local arts venues in my area. I'd previously quit my job to do this full time and earned £44k before tax in 2019 while travelling the country. Now I'd like to keep it closer to home, but top up my low wage.

The No Spend Year! In 2020, lockdown made me realise I already had everything that I need. My spending was usually to pick myself up, or simply out of boredom. In 2021, I am committing to not buying anything unless replacing something that is broken, or has run out. There are some exceptions to my rule, which I have detailed in an Instagram post below. If you're also interested in partaking in a partial, or full no spend year, or simply want to learn more, why not join our Facebook Group?


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