My Experience With 20Cogs

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links meaning that with your sign-up and progress within 20cogs, I receive a small percentage as a bonus.

When you're starting that side-hustlin' life, you're likely to come across something called 20Cogs. People claim they have made £200+ from this website, but how does it all work? I remember when I first heard about it and was immediately put off, nobody could explain exactly what is was, how it worked or how long it took to make cash. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places, but when you're starting out you kinda need everything in black and white in front of you for it to make sense.

What is 20Cogs?

I expect in your life you have signed up to a free trial, claimed a welcome bonus or bought a subscription to something. Well this is all you'll be doing.

20Cogs runs off a affiliate marketing. You know those promotions you see where a website or service might say 'invite a friend and we'll give you £10' - this is essentially what 20Cogs is doing, and giving part of the money back to you.

You have to complete all 20 offers to be able to cash out. The offers themselves shouldn't take more than a few hours to do, but you may have to wait up to 30 days before their payment is approved to your balance. You can check how many days are left before something will be approved.

Does it cost anything?

No. There are a few offers where you may be expected to pay £1-£5 for a subscription service for one month but the 20Cogs payout is often higher than the amount you will be spending and overall you would have made a profit, and got something you might enjoy, like a magazine to read or snack box to try. IMPORTANT: If signing up for a subscription service or free trial, set an alert in your phone's calendar to remember to cancel before being charged again.

My Experience:

I did my first offer on the 4th Feb 2020. It was all very daunting. I signed up and straight away got £5 simply by filling in my personal information, amazing. Then I did one sign up offer for £5 and stopped... for a month. I was impatient, I didn't want to wait 30 days for my money, I wanted it now!

I was like this a lot when I was starting out on this journey.. But a month later on the 4th March I decided to give it another go and within a few days I had completed all 20 Cogs. All I had to do now was sit and wait..

I checked in every now and again to see if my Cogs were turning green (meaning approved). I had a few stuck on grey (awaiting confirmation from the offer provider) so I messaged their customer service team and they were able to progress them all to amber (awaiting payment).

30 days later I cashed out £120. Now this isn't the £200+ people claim to be able to make, but I do believe it is possible to earn that much. The reason I didn't is because of Matched Betting.

Matched Betting and 20Cogs

If you've given Matched Betting a go, you'll know how you make money off sign up bonuses.. well how about getting money off getting money on sign up bonuses? Have I lost you?

A few of the offers available on 20Cogs are those welcome bonuses at various betting sites, such as Coral and Ladbrooks. Because I was already deep into my Matched Betting sign up offers there were a few Cogs I couldn't complete, and these sports book offers seem to be among the highest paid. This is why I missed out on earning £200+ from 20Cogs, but ultimately I was earning money from Matched Betting too so the losses should equal themselves out.

There is a huge opportunity here! If you're thinking about giving Matched Betting a try, do so alongside completing your 20Cogs offers, for bonuses on both platforms!

Don't be put off if you know you won't be able to completed these offers, I still walked away with £120, and thanks to friends I have referred to the platform, I am constantly making money on it as I get 5% of their earnings. This is a great little earner to boost your debt payments or savings!

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