How I Paid Off 25% of my Debt in One Month

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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If you've read my story into debt, you'll be aware I didn't have a huge amount of debt to start with. I was tackling two credit cards, one maxed out at £2,000 and another with £1,400 of £4,700 credit limit utilised, so my total consumer debt was £3,400. In short, I got into this debt by living above my means and believing that my money problems existed in the form of an income problem, I saw nothing wrong with my expenses. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the #debtfreecommunity, that I saw that I had a problem.

When I first started budgeting, I was still living above my means. It took months for me to change my money mindset and perfect my budget. In those months, like many of you, I began looking for side hustles. I read blogs upon blogs titled 'how to make money online' and 'earn £500 in a month' and I tried almost all of them. I dedicated whatever spare time I had to trying to make extra money. I was even doing surveys on my phone for 43p during my coffee breaks! Ultimately I was able to pay off this large portion of debt thanks to that time I had spent. And the longer I spent, the more I learned, and the more I made. I simply let it accumulate.

I'm going to focus now on the three main side hustles I used during this time, explain briefly how they work and how much I made from them in a 2-3 month time frame.

Matched Betting

It's something you've probably all heard of, and I'm sure some of you are afraid of. I was too, I first attempted following a matched betting guide two years ago and lost a tonne of money, because I was impatient and tried to jump straight into it. This time I discovered Profit Accumulator. PA is great, it's a website which has all the deals, all the guides and even the software to do everything for you. All you need to do is input numbers, they do all the maths!

I'm going to write a full guide on matched betting and Profit Accumulator another time, but for now, in short, matched betting is when you place two bets against each other. For example, if you're betting on Liverpool vs Man City, on Ladbrookes you bet Liverpool will win, and on Betfair you can bet that Liverpool wont win. You're not betting on Man City, you're betting against Liverpool. This can be done on an 'exchange' which is something Betfair offers. You're not loosing much (maybe a few pence to a pound) because you're countering the bet. You do this in the first instance with your money, but Ladbrooks had a welcome offer, so now because you've placed a real bet with them, they're offering you a 'free bet' - where you do exactly the same type of bet but this time you get the profit off the free bet.

Sound confusing? Yep. That's why Profit Accumulator have FREE video guides to get you sorted with a few offers. If you follow these videos step by step, I guarantee you, you will make £40-£45.

In one month of Matched Betting I made £233 - I was only doing a bet a day, and stopped during the height of COVID-19, however I'm just starting to go again now. My aim is to have this as a major side earner, as an hour a day could make me up to £600 a month if I put my mind to it. It takes practice, but definitely worth a shot. And before you ask, yes, a premium subscription is worth it.


Another one you may have heard word of on the streets. 20Cogs is what I call a 'sign up offer' website, it essentially makes money off affiliate links, and then you get a portion of the income. This takes a bit of time as you have to complete twenty offers to be able to cash out, and each offer takes 30 days to process.

The average payout is around £200, I made £120. This is because I started matched betting before I discovered 20Cogs, meaning a lot of the higher paying casino and sportsbook offers I had already completed. So if you're considering matched betting, start with this, and use Profit Accumulator guides when you reach the offers via 20Cogs. It took me about 3 months to complete, due to some issues however the support team were always available to help!

There are offers were you may need to deposit money, or buy a small subscription (which can be cancelled after!) but the earnings per offer are always at a profit.

Click here to join now with £10 for just updating your profile.


I bet you've seen those hot pink 'I've got one free trade' offers all over your Insta, but I get it, trading and investing is scary if you have no idea what it means or involves. This is kind of why offers like FreeTrade and Trading212 are the best place to start.

Now, I'm not saying you go full blown investing mode, only you know if that's right for you, and you need to do a lot of research before you decide to do so, however because these sites offer you a FREE share, you can learn how the system works, trade the share you get, or simply, just cash it out and weheyy, free money!

With FreeTrade you deposit £1 and within a few days you will receive a free share worth up to £200, which can then be sold and withdrawn. Trading212 offer a similar offer however their share is worth up to £100.

I cashed out £98 on FreeTrade, and I still have two shares in my account. I like watching them grow!

Claim a Free Share and how it all works over on my blog here!

As I said before, I accumulated this money over a couple of months, however that's not saying you couldn't earn this 30 days (permitting you complete all 20Cogs in one day) - but that's the secret to this side hustling life, it's about investing time (and a sometimes little bit of money) to see a return. You could probably make way more than me in one month. For instance, I absolutely suck at selling things online, but I know people making up to £100 a week just selling the things around them on Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Give everything a try, see what works for you, put in a bit of effort, and you will see the reward!

Now, the keen mathematicians out there will have noticed I've only mentioned £451 of earnings, but 25% of £3,400 is £850. £250 came from my usual debt payments. Then there was £61.09 from minimums (one card was 0% interest). £30 from Prolific, a scientific research survey site. And as a lovely surprise I got a small tax refund, of which I put £60 to my credit card debt.

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Disclaimer: You should always check to see if you're required to pay tax on our side hustle earnings. I've written a guide here.

Further more, please note, links in this post include affiliate links meaning I will earn a small amount from any sign ups, this is how I am able to afford to keep this website going. Thank you.


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