How I Made Over £1,000 This Month

In 2021 as a challenge I have set myself, I am trying to save £10,000 in a year. If you've read the linked blog post there, you'll know that I am on a relatively low wage and can only save £5,000 of this from my pay checks, meaning I have to hustle up the remaining half! This means I have to find ways to make more money. And well.. let's just say.. we're off to a good start!

When I Started Trying To Make More Money

Look, this isn't some "Get Rich Quick" scheme, I've been at this for almost a year! At the beginning of 2020 I said enough was enough. I was tired of keeping my debt a secret, of putting date nights, and end of the month groceries on credit cards and constantly trying to find enough money to get by. You can ready more about my story here. Immediately I started trying to find ways to make more money, and one of the first was via Matched Betting! When I started trying to make more money I was earning an extra £200 a month… now, for the first time ever.. I've hit over £1,000! Let me show you how.. keep reading!

Lifetime ISA Bonus

Now that I have paid off my consumer debt and saved a six month Emergency Fund, my next life goal is to save £25,000 towards a house deposit. I'm doing this with a Lifetime ISA as first time buyers get the 25% Government Bonus... so with the maximum amount you can put into a Lifetime ISA being £4,000 per tax year (April onwards) you can get up to £1,000 absolutely free towards your first home! This is one of the main ways I'm hitting my goal of saving £10,000 this year. I aim to max it out before April 2021, and max it out again by the end of the year.. meaning a total of £2,000 free from the bonus! This month I have put roughly £1,109 into my LISA, giving me a 25% bonus of £277. Of that £1,109.. £709 is from these other sources of additional income, and only £400 was from my wage!

If anyone is wondering, I use Moneybox for my Lifetime ISA.

Free Share Offers

I've been utilising Free Share Offers for a long time now. How they work is actually quite simple. You sign up via a referral link from your friends.. or myself.. top up your account by the required about and BOOM, free share! This share you can sell, and withdraw.. which means.. free money! This month I made £440.62 from free shares on FreeTrade, Trading212 and Stake. I also completed a referral offer on Zumo (which is now no longer running, sorry!) and made £12.45.

You can learn how this all works in more detail, and sign up via my referral links over at this blog post: How Do 'Free Share' Offers Work?

Sales & Royalties

Fun fact, on the 21st January I released a new eBook: The Ultimate Side Hustle Guide. An eBook designed to help you find your perfect side hustle, make more money, and eliminate burnout during the process. I published this on my own website, and on Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing. This means I am able to profit from royalties from Kindle sales and when people buy the physical book.. of which they do all the printing, postage and packaging! Selling via KDP equals less profit per unit sold, but a great way to get a wider reach.

Now I won't lie.. release day wasn't as exciting as I had imagined.. however it's payday tomorrow for a lot of people so I'm hoping for a bit of a push later in the week. So far I've sold 6 eBooks, 1 Budget Diary and 1 Financial Workbook via my website, and 3 eBooks and 1 Financial Workbook on Amazon.. interestingly, all the Kindle editions rather than paperbacks. This has made me £98.14 in January.

Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that Profit Accumulator has a fantastic affiliate scheme where you get roughly 50% of the amount per sale via your affiliate links. I've written a blog post about Matched Betting and how it can be an amazing source of additional income.. I mean, I know people earning over £1,000 just doing this! In this blog post, I have written about my experience using Profit Accumulator and why you need to join to really get into Matched Betting.. and I've included my affiliate links. Now whenever people sign up for a monthly, or yearly membership, I get around 50% of the amount. This one blog post has made me £102.32 this month. I'm also looking to build my affiliate networks!

Brand Partnerships

In December a brand reached out to me to offer a partnership. We had an agreement that every person who registered for the service using my unique referral code, I would get £5. I did 2 grid posts and a few stories over the last month on my Instagram account and just received an invoice for £235. I know there have been a few sign ups since so I'm expecting to get another payment soon.. I've spent almost a year building my Instagram account to over 5,000 followers, and hope to reach 10,000 in the not too far future.. meaning more and more brands are reaching out to me to start partnerships.. and I have the leverage to start reaching out to others!

Mystery Shopping, Market Research & Selling on eBay

These are some other additional ways I make more money, however in January I have only done a few. A mystery shop where I had to order Pret on Deliveroo for lunch.. easy peasy! Well, it should have been. On this one occasion the Deliveroo driver crushed my order in his car(?) and I didn't receive it. I was reimbursed on Deliveroo AND the market research company I used still paid me for my review of the customer service, totalling £15. I've also sold some face masks I got for free from Ooooo on eBay for a little boost of £3.37 after postage.

Where Do I Start To Make More Money?

Luckily for those of you reading wondering how you can start to make more money, I've just released The Ultimate Side Hustle Guide!

Does this sound like you?

  • Want to earn additional income but don't know where to start?

  • Not sure how to monetize your skills?

  • Scared of experiencing burn out if you take on too much?

  • Wanting to stand out online?

Here's what you'll get:

  • Useful quiz to find your perfect side hustle

  • How to create your brand

  • Why beta testing is essential

  • How to price yourself or your product

  • How to get your first sale

  • Accounting basics

  • Learn to manage your time

  • Set realistic goals for you and your side hustle

  • How to set boundaries

  • Legal information to consider

  • BONUS: 100 different side hustle ideas

  • BONUS: Side hustle start up checklist

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