How Do 'Free Share' Offers Work?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Disclaimer: This post contains referral links, meaning I receive a free share as well as you.

So you've seen people advertising 'free share' offers around but have no idea what that is, don't worry. I've got you. These offers are seen as a quick way to get a few extra pounds, and depending on the offer, could be worth up to £200! Usually there's a small deposit required, around £1-£2 but a return is guaranteed.

Once you've been sent one of these 'free share' sign up links, you need to create a profile. This will usually involve some kind of verification process by uploading a picture of the driving licence or passport. Once your account is up and running you'll need to add your payment method and deposit the required amount. Once this deposit has cleared, you will be awarded a free share of a company worth up to £100-£200 depending on the deal. This could take anything from a few minutes to 10 days.

"A free share worth up to £200? Do I get £200 to buy shares with?" - I've been asked this a few times, and it is by no means a stupid question. This whole investing and trading lark can seem very confusing and daunting to begin with. Unfortunately not. What you get is a random 'share' worth anything from a couple of pence, to £200.

"I want to start trading, and / or investing. Is this a good way to start?" - I'm going to go with 'kind of' as my answer to this. Ultimately it is up to you to do your own research into this. Your money is at risk so it's important you know what you're doing. That being said, if you complete one of these offers and get 'free money' to play around with, this is a good place to learn. Use the share you get, watch it go up and down for a week or so, sell it, buy something else, buy two things, see how it works. You may end up loosing part of the value but it was free money to begin with.

"Can I just take the money?" - absolutely! There's no reason why you have to start trading or investing to do one of these offers. On FreeTrade you can sell your share straight away, but on Trading212 you have to wait a little while. Then once the sale does through, you can withdraw the cash into your bank account and close the account, if you so wish.

What is a Share?

When you buy a share, you are buying a part of a company. You are now a Shareholder. This may entitle you to some rights such as having a say in decision making or receiving 'dividends' - when the company you have bought shares in pays it's shareholders part of it's profits to thank them for investing. A company generally sells shares when it needs to raise money to aid it's trading, which is why you're owed a thank you.

Why does the value change?

You may notice that the price of a share differs from minute to minute, this is simply due to supply and demand. That price is people all over the world buying or selling their shares. There may be a number of reasons why people want to buy or sell a certain share, so it's important to look into the companies history or if they have any projects lined up. For example Boohoo recently announced they were buying out Oasis and Warehouse, this made their share price increase by 18.67%.

"I don't care about investing. Give me the free money."

Okay! Here you go! Now I will outline the two 'Free Share' offers you'll see around. FreeTrade is an app, however Trading212 can be done on a browser.

Disclaimer: Links below will also provide me with a free share. I use what I earn via affiliate and referral links on this blog to be able to pay the domain, hosting and email hosting costs. Thank you.

Free Trade - Free Share worth up to £200

Sign up via the link above

  1. Await verification

  2. Deposit £1 via Account (apple pay / debit or credit card is fastest)

  3. You should receive a notification that you have a mystery free share

  4. Wait until Wednesday around 3pm for your free share to be revealed

  5. On the Portfolio page, click the share and sell

  6. Wait for the sale to go through, depending on the stock market opening time this could take 24hrs

  7. Withdraw that free money!

Trading212 - Free Share worth up to £100

  1. Click on the link above and when choosing an account type choose INVEST

  2. Wait for your account to be verified - if this does not happen automatically click CHAT and then Account Activation

  3. Top up your INVEST account by £1 (top left corner and deposit funds) - credit / debit card is quickest and has no fees

  4. Within 24 hours you should receive your free share.

  5. Click the pie chart at the bottom to see what is it. Then you can choose to sell it.

  6. Sell and wait for the sale to go through, depending on stock market opening times this may take up to 24 hours, but can also be instant!

  7. Withdraw your free share value and the initial £1 deposit!

  1. Click the link above and download the Stake app

  2. Top up account by £50 in the first 24 hours

  3. Spin the wheel for your free share of GoPro, Dropbox or Nike

  4. Wait for funds to clear during Market Open times

  5. Sell your free share

  6. Withdraw your dollar 💸

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