Five Must Have Apps for Starting Your Debt Free Journey

Updated: Feb 2

We all spend time looking at our phones, whether it's checking Facebook on the bus journey home, or scrolling Instagram to pass the time during ad breaks. What if I told you, you could be making some extra cash while doing those things?

While I'm only at the start of my journey, I thought it might be useful to those who are new to the #debtfreecommunity to see my Five Must Have Apps.

1. Curious Cat

Answer quick surveys for cash. The average survey payout is 24p and takes 7 minutes. I have had surveys pay over £2 for ten minutes. It all adds up! I make on average £5 a week from this app, from doing one or two surveys before bed (my wind down time) - which gets paid into PayPal.

You can cash out once you have earned 100 points (£1) and withdraw how often you like! Download, answer a few questions, and away you go!

If you're going to be using your phone to pass time, you might as well be making some money from it!

2. ZipZero

I have to admit, I've become a bit addicted to this app! I've found myself picking up receipts on the floor or from other checkouts.. but all for good reason!

ZipZero allows you to take photos of your receipts and turn them into cash. It works out about 1% of your spend, however like everything on this journey, it all adds up! I average £12 a month, and use the money to pay off a chunk of my phone bill.

There are many receipt apps out there, and some people have as many as five on the go at a time, but I'm lazy and can't be bothered to take the same photo five times, so ZipZero does nice enough for me.


3. Quidco

I'm sure you've heard of cashback websites before, but having them in app form on your phone can prove incredibly useful!

I use my phone for everything, ordering takeaway, buying new clothes and banking, so having a cashback app on my phone it means I can reap the benefits wherever I am.

It takes a little longer to get the cash, but often means by the time you are able to withdraw, a number of your cashback shops have come thought at the same time and you are able to withdraw a large chunk in one go.

If you're switching providers, buying a new phone or making large purchases, this is a must!

4. Yolt

Something slightly different from the others. Instead of making money, Yolt is a banking app that I have found incredibly useful to see how I spend and to create my budget.

Once you have connected your accounts, Yolt will tell you how much you've spent, and what on. It also helps you keep track of your savings and create budgets for different categories, or even an overall spending budget.

I bank with NatWest, and while their app now has a feature to see where you're spending, I found myself having to update the categories every month to try and work it all out, Yolt is a lot smarter, and when you change the category of a spend, it will offer you the change to update multiple payments at a time.

Having the budgeting option in an app is incredible useful, if you're near to hitting your target it'll give you a bing!

5. Instagram

Yep. That's right. I said it.

I know you're probably on there already but I have to give it a massive shout out. If it wasn't for Instagram I would probably still being spending on my credit card, and ignoring my debt problems.

Somehow it's algorithm introduced me to the #debtfreecommunity and I am incredibly thankful. The community is so incredibly inspiring, everyone is super lovely and willing to answer any questions you may have along this journey. They're motivating me daily. I hope it can do the same for you!

What are your favourite apps? What’s helped you save or pay off debt?


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