Book Review: 100 Things Millionaires Do

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Welcome to the very first Personal Finance Book Review! There are tonnes of books out there jam packed with personal finance goodies. My aim is to read them all (well, a lot of them..) and give you the good stuff. Each review will answer the following questions;

Who? Wrote this book? Why they're qualified? (if they're qualified..)

What? Is this book on about? What's the topic of conversation?

Where? Will this book take me in my journey?

When? Should I read this book? At what point in my journey?

Why? Would I recommend this book?

Lets do this!

100 Things Millionaires Do - Little Lessons in Creating Wealth by Nigel Cumberland

I picked up this book while having a weekend away in a post-lockdown world. There are many 'treat yo self' moments (including a £200 spend in Urban Outfitters.. all budgeted for I can assure you!) but one of the last things we did was potter around Waterstones before getting our train home. Nowadays my trips to Waterstones end in me gravitating towards the Business or Self-Help section and I'm always blown away by the choice of books aimed at educating yourself on all things personal finance. Now, when I saw blown away, I don't mean the entire downstairs Fiction A-Z selection, but there are enough choices to make you feel a little overwhelmed or wonder where to begin. And I must admit, among all the books promising to teach me how to manage my money, this blue, starry book caught my eye and I knew I had to get it!

I picked this book because it's not a novel. It's not a 300 page narrative about managing your money, but instead a 200 page guide, talking you through 100 habits, gems of knowledge, and other tips & tricks about financial choices and traits to embrace that will aid you be the boss of your financial game. Each double page spread teaches you a concept, and discusses ways of actioning it in your life.


Nigel Cumberland is a leadership coach and founder of The Silk Road Partnership (offering executive and leadership coaching), he has studied Economics and Management Accounting and has written numerous books and taught online courses regarding self-help and leadership.


100 different financial concepts, personal traits and other tips & tricks, with one page outlining the concept and the other providing methods of how to action this in your life. Rather than one topic, this book covers a range of topics briefly.


If you have a bit of money already, but are not sure what to do with it, this book will take you to where you need to be to be able to understand how to manage it. You'll come out feeling like you have a well rounded perspective of your financial future.


Once you've grasped the basics of investing, I believe you would have a well-rounded enough basic knowledge to be able to take this book and really run with it. It's not for a beginner, there are some basic concepts in there but as the book progresses, it's better to have a base knowledge to not feel overwhelmed. If you're at the point where you're thinking of potentially starting a business to aid with financial freedom, this is the book for you.


100 Thing Millionaires Do is a great guide for those feeling a bit lost with their money. Because of how simply Nigel Cumberland lays out each concept, you'll have an idea of the principle and then have ways of how to action this upon your finances. Rather than just teaching you, Nigel tells you how.


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