7 Great Ways To Show You Care Without Spending Money

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

When you're on a budget, and saving towards a specific goal, there can sometimes be a difficult decision to make when showing your friends, family, and / or partner that you care without breaking the bank. I'm the type of person who loves to spend time with someone rather than buy them a physical item, but this still costs money. A lot of my friends live all over the country, thanks to my background in touring theatre, and even most of my family live over 100 miles away, travel alone to see these people often needs it's own separate budget. Here are some low cost or free things you can do with your people to show that you care.

1. Give them a book you've read. Have you read a great book recently that you know your aunt will love? Why not send it in the post to them, or if you live nearby drop it off. Leave a note stating you thought they would enjoy reading, maybe you can inscribe a note inside the book itself. Make it really personal.

2. Personalised vouchers. These are great because for different friends and family members with different responsibilities, you can really mix it up. Why not include things like, a evening where you'll babysit, you'll cook their favourite meal, clean their house, the possibilities are endless!

3. Write them a letter. Let's go old fashioned and put pen to paper, write down all the reasons why you love them, how you'd love to spend some time together soon, how much you appreciate their help in your life. Why not make a personalised card, include pictures of the two of you.

4. Cook them dinner. I briefly mentioned this before as a personalised voucher idea, but it can be a great evening in and of itself. Make it a joint affair and invite them over while you're cooking, cooking together can be such a laugh!

5. Offer them your skills. Are you awesome at DIY? Can you fix something up for their home? Great graphic designer? Make some wall art for them. Your skill could be anything, but I'm sure if you offered it up to your friend for free, they would be over the moon!

6. DIY pamper night. Get them round, let's do £1 Superdrug facemasks, soak our feet and do each other's nails. This can be such a nice relaxing evening for you both. Why not make a playlist for the evening for some background vibes that will remind you both of fun times you've had together.

7. Digital games night. Covid has taught the majority of us how to use Zoom, Skype and other video calling apps. Know a friend who has the same board game as you, play digitally over the screen! Or you can play an online game together. I've done this a few times with Cards Against Humanity, and it is hilarious!

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