Below are a number of ways I make extra money online. Many of them are apps, and there are a few websites. The higher on the page, the higher I rate them. I will never promote an app or website I have not tried.

Includes Affiliate and Referral Links


Chip is an automatic savings app. I've saved over £1000 using this app and have barely noticed it working.

Get £5 for free, just for signing up to Chip and using my referral code: UUT6ZR


Already use an ad blocker? How about earning money while those ads get turned into pictures of pugs? Download this extension browser to start earning. Add Gener8 Tabs as well, to earn even faster!


Another 'free Share Offer' where joining using my code will get you a free share of GoPro, dropbox or nike. 


you will have to deposit £50 however this is withdrawable.


Similar to Oh My Dosh! (Below), 20Cogs gives you money for completing sign up offers. Get £10 just for completing your profile! You need to complete all 20 Cogs to withdraw but the average payout I've seen is £200.

profit accumulator

Want to find out more about Matched Betting? Follow Profit Accumulator's video guide for free and earn up to £40!

This is a great way to earn tax-free money.


For signing up using the link below, you will receive a free share worth up to £100 once you deposit £1, which you can later sell and withdraw, or watch grow.


A lot similar to Trading 212, upon signing up with my link, you will receive a free share worth up to £200 after depositing just £1.


Earn cashback on your purchases online. I use this every time I need new clothes, or fancy a takeaway. A quick and easy way to earn extra cash.

Use the link below to get £10 free!


Probably the #debtfreecommunity's favourite cashback site. Free money for buying things online? Okay!

get £5 for signing up below!


Honey is a browser extension like Gener8, however this extension searches the web for vouchers and coupons while you're shopping online.


Answer quick polls, and the odd survey to earn points. These points can then be redeemed as a £10 Amazon Voucher.

Use my code, 13b0b5 for 1600 points (£1.60)

curious cat

Got a spare ten minutes? This app allows you to complete short surveys for a few pennies at a time, but it all adds up, plus you can withdraw as little as £1.


ZipZero allows you to take photos of your receipts and turn them into cash. It works out about 1% of your spend, however it all adds up!



This app gives you cashback on everyday grocery items. Just upload your receipt and earn those pounds! 

Click the link below to download and enter my referral code: z92b5i


Get £1 credit for signing up to Oh My Dosh! A website that gives you money for completing offers such as registering to certain sites, buying subscriptions you were going to anyway and surveys.

airtime rewards

Connect this app to your primary payment card and away you go, it does all the work! Earn instant cashback from your purchases and pay off your phone bill!

Use my code for 50p free.​ KQHY9UQA


A little different to other survey apps, you record short video responses to posed questions. It feels a little odd at first but you settle right into it!

Get £1 just for signing up!


Scan those receipts, answer those quick surveys, get that dollar!

50 points for free? code available soon

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