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Millennial Saves is a platform dedicated to offering real advice to millennials wanting to boost their savings and make their money work. I'm going to let you into all the tips and tricks I discover on my journey to financial independence. And it starts now.

Growing up living penny to penny I sought a better life so made the move to London to pursue a career in Theatre. I believed that a high paying career translated to having a good life and financial stability. I was wrong. Simply earning more money changed my lifestyle along side it and I was still poor. From being poor living off benefits, to being poor living off £44k. I realised working 50+ hours a week and having nothing to show for it was not the life for me. I took a £26k pay cut and I'm here now to tell you what I have learned in my search for financial freedom. 

On my website you'll find a blog where I talk about my experiences and gift you the tips and tricks I've learned along the way. There's all the different ways I made extra money at the begging of my journey to pay off my credit card debt, and most importantly, there's The Financial Workbook, the personal finance 101 that will get you on your way to financial stability.


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